2019 Recap: Data and Lead Generation Trends to Watch

Salesgenie general manager Rob Martin says there are two types of people when it comes to data and lead generation services—do it yourself and do it for me.

Over the years, we’ve learned our customers don’t want to make five phone calls just to solve one problem. They want a single solution that can address all their needs.

“We’re not just some data company anymore,” Martin said of Salesgenie. “We’re a business coach in the sense that we’re teaching them innovative ways to reach their prospects. We’re leading the way with best-in-class data wrapped around solutions to help companies grow.”

On the do-it-yourself side, Martin said Salesgenie continues to lead the way for sales and marketing efforts. This crowd is comprised of mostly folks who don’t have time to pick up the phone. That’s where easy-to-use DIY email and direct mail solutions come in. For folks, who don’t have time to do it themselves, we offer the same services from our in-house marketing agency staffed by handpicked experts in marketing and creative design.

Both the DIY and do-it-for-me crowds want ways to keep their phones ringing with prospective new customers. They also want education about data-related topics such as enhancement, hygiene, and integrating Salesgenie into your CRM.

“One trend that we see in 2019 into 2020 is more and more companies just have a mess with their own data,” Martin said. “They, one, need help with just the maintenance of it and making sure it’s cleaned up and standardized. Two, more and more customers want to learn what they have in their own data.”

That is why the data and solutions that power Salesgenie are always changing to meet the needs of our clients now and into the future.

“Education, in general, is the hottest thing I’m seeing right now,” Martin said. “They want to be taught best practices.