5 Powerful Lead Generation Trends You’ll See in 2018

Lead generation trends change often due to changes in buyer behaviors, the evolution of technology, and other industry factors. Keeping up with these trends is necessary if you want to attract qualified leads that you can convert into profitable long-term customers.

The following is an overview of several of the most important lead generation trends to look out for in 2018!

Patience and Discipline in Digital Communication

Despite the emergence of the social selling concept in recent years, businesses increasingly recognize that a patient and disciplined communication approach works best when trying to connect with digital buyers.

On social media, companies are focused on brand presence and demonstrating thought leadership. Posting useful information for followers and engaging people directly through authentic conversations helps you establish rapport in the digital world. Lead generation occurs when the audience views you as genuine, credible, and a potential provider of solutions they need.

Blogs are Powerful in Lead Generation

The strategy behind blogging and driving leads continues to evolve. Companies optimize blog posts to drive traffic from search engines, but then analytics help you figure out what content contributes to the greatest response from a given audience.

Measure your call-to-action tactics as well. You might find that you use the wrong CTA on a piece of content that leads to a relatively low response rate. Test different CTAs with each audience and content format to figure out which buyers respond to which methods.

Connect with Influencers

Brand influencers play a big role in communicating messages to their communities. The use of influencers by marketers will continue to grow in 2018. This growth is based on the significance that online users place on messages shared by peers.

Find influencers that have follower communities similar to your desired audience. Reach out to them to discuss your brands and possible blogging and social messaging possibilities.

Deeper Data and More Precise Targeting

The depth and breadth of big data continue to grow, allowing businesses to build more precise market segments and to target people with more relevant content.

The costs involved to build a tech infrastructure and processes that allow you to take advantage of big data are a common challenge for many companies. For this reason, outsourcing lead generation activities is another trend that will continue to rise into 2018.

Increased Niche Segmentation

Speaking of precise targeting, companies are breaking down their database of contacts into smaller and more niche segments. Taking this step increased your ability to match your solutions and messages with the prospects and customers most likely to respond.


These are some of the most important lead generation trends of note as you look to review your own strategies. Pay close attention to the technology and communication strategies used by top companies to achieve goals.

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