Database Update: January 2020

Find Business Owners Who Rent or Lease Space

In 2020, we’ll release the own/lease model, which predicts the probability of a property being owned or leased by the business at that location.

And here’s our latest database update:

Changes to Executive Records

  • 1,043 executives were added to the database
  • 213 executives were deleted
  • 810 executives were updated

Business Closures

  • Olympia Sports, an athletic footwear and apparel chain, is closing 76 stores after being purchased by sports retailer JackRabbit. Olympia Sports first opened in 1975 and has about 150 locations in the United States.
  • Title loan company TitleMax is closing all stores in California.
  • Bi-Mart is closing all its pharmacies in the Portland area. The company cited Oregon’s new Corporate Activity Tax (CAT), rising Medicare fees, and other factors for the closures.
  • Lowe’s is closing 34 underperforming stores in Canada. The company says the effort is to improve company performance and better optimize its network.

Business Database Update

  • New database released every Friday
  • 16.7 million verified U.S. and Canadian businesses
  • 1.3 million transactions in last 30 days
  • 8.6 million email count lift due to increase from vendor input
  • 1.2 million poor FacebookTM links removed

Consumer Database Update

  • Database released December 4
  • 185 million total households
  • 315 million total individuals
  • TargetReadyTM updates social networking ad click and union member
  • Quarterly update for LHI Lifestyle attributes
  • Voter registration data received for Colorado and Michigan, adding 187,000 dates of birth