Introducing Salesgenie Follow-up Email Notifications

Follow-up email notifications on your leads is the newest feature we’ve launched to improve the user-experience of Salesgenie.

This feature is available to Salesgenie subscribers at no additional cost and will provide you with tremendous value. Plus, signing up is easy.

The next time you schedule a follow-up with a lead, a pop-up will appear asking you to select the frequency of your alerts—daily or weekly. If you choose weekly, you then pick the day of the week you want to receive the alert. You will get an enrollment confirmation via pop-up and email.

If you signed up for daily notifications, you will get an email each day of the week you have a follow-up scheduled. Weekly notification emails will be sent out the day you requested. From these emails, you also will be able to click to your follow-up notes and leads.

This feature also can be toggled on and off by clicking “Notifications” under the “MY ACCOUNT” section of your home menu. If you have any questions, please call 877.708.3844.