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Our insurance leads can help you grow your book of business today! Whether you are an independent insurance agent or own and operate your own insurance agency, you know how vital insurance leads are to the success of your business.

While many insurance agents build their customer base through cold calls, direct mail, or through online marketing, this process takes a lot of time, effort, and can be less effective in lead generation.  And depending on where you sourced your list, you may have contact information that is outdated including phone numbers and email addresses.

Additionally, your list may not be targeted to the right audience. Your list needs to be niche and targeting those who in need of your services.  If you sell life insurance, for instance, your lead generation efforts should be focused primarily on seniors. If you are selling home or renters insurance, you may want to reach out to real estate agents in your area to work out a deal that offers competitive pricing to clients. Whatever your area of operation is, your insurance leads list should be your top priority.

Using a focused approach is the best and easiest way to connect with new leads. The amount of time that your team’s telemarketer wastes on cold calls could have instead been used to connect with high-quality leads to answer questions, schedule appointments, or to go through the sales process and close a deal over the phone. The problem is that many business owners and insurance agents don’t know how or where to obtain high-quality leads.

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That’s where we come in. The Salesgenie experts can provide local businesses and insurance agents with the best prospects and leads that meet all their business needs. Whether you work in life insurance, real estate insurance, vehicle insurance, or any other insurance industry, we can provide you with leads based on the type of client you are targeting. There is a reason why our lead generation service is one of the best in the country.

Our data is expertly-crafted to ensure no time is wasted on cold connection attempts to an audience that has no need for your services. If you operate an insurance service for renters, we show you how to find leads segmented by ZIP Code.

Additionally, we can help you offer your insurance quotes to real estate agents within the area you service for referral-based deals. If you are a life insurance agent, we can provide you with leads segmented by demographic information such as age. This way, you can maximize your sales efforts knowing that every phone number you dial is a potential new lead and focus your time on negotiating insurance quotes with the right clients.

While we provide business owners with niche insurance leads lists, that is not the only thing we offer. Our goal is to ensure business owners and insurance agents connect with high-quality leads in effective ways that result in conversions, referrals, and sales. That’s why we work with businesses to strategize the best ways to connect with their niche audience.

Life insurance agents, for instance, would have better chances of connecting with seniors through direct mail and phone calls rather than through Facebook™ ads or any sort of digital marketing. Those offering renters insurance to college students, on the other hand, would benefit from running social media advertisements targeted to young adults living in college towns. Whatever form of marketing business owners choose to connect to new leads through, the experts at Salesgenie are available in real time to help in any way.

Whether it’s choosing between sending a direct mail piece to a senior home or a special offer to a lead’s email address, our team can help you make those decisions to ensure your leads respond to your efforts. From email and direct mail templates to design to leads, we are the one-stop-shop for all your insurance marketing and sales efforts.

Salesgenie is the premier sales hub that will help your local business access targeted sales leads that address your insurance marketing needs. Get unlimited access to business and consumer databases available. Plus, learn more about our innovative DIY marketing tools that can help you find a great way to get your message into the right hands.

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Simple, fast, and cost-effective…

Salesgenie is the perfect insurance prospecting and marketing service for you. It can help to:

Quickly pinpoint the right prospects

Fresh insurance leads are waiting for you. Using our online databases or the Salesgenie mobile app, you can target business or consumer prospects using dozens of unique search selections including auto data with vehicle identification numbers. That’s not the only way to segment leads. You can map around your current customers with our integrated Google™ mapping feature.

Create effective marketing campaigns

We make it easy to create professional and low-cost marketing campaigns. Together, we can put together an effective direct mail piece for seniors living in your ZIP Code or email campaigns for services you offer on a grander scale. We can even help you advertise on Google, other search engines, and on social media. Our marketing experts can do the work for you, allowing business owners like yourself to focus on operations and sales. Plus, our marketing experts are dedicated to helping your business succeed. From helping you save on lead costs to designing and executing your social media campaigns with the right keywords and call-to-action that point to your own website, we can do as little or as much as you need us to. Simply pick up the phone and put us to work for you.

Find the Perfect Insurance Sales Leads

Our marketing experts can help you segment your list based on lead type or demographics, so you can get your message out to the right people. You can even search and filter by policies including:

Home Insurance
  • Homeowners X Dates
  • Home Value
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Square Footage
  • Marital Status
  • And More!
Life Insurance
  • Households With Children
  • New Movers
  • New Homeowners
  • High Net Worth Consumers
  • And More!
Auto Insurance
  • Automobile Information Owner, Make, Model, and Year, and VIN
  • Motorcycle Enthusiasts
  • Marital Status
  • Age
  • And More!
  • Industries With Fleet Vehicles
  • Sales Volume
  • New Businesses
  • Contact Name
  • And More!

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