Find Business Leads With UCC Filings

We make it easy to target the right Alternative Finance leads for your business. Access accurate business data and then narrow your leads down by with a wide variety of search options, including firmographics, geography, and the presence of UCC filings.

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What You Can Do With UCC Lists and Leads

Our UCC leads can help you:

  • Determine whether personal property has been pledged
  • Discover whether assets are available for attachment of seizure
  • Identify claims against personal property or fixtures
  • Reveal the financial relationships with other entities
  • Determine the disposition, location, and ownership of collateral

Available UCC Data

Our UCC records include:

  • Debtor name and address
  • Secured party name and address
  • Filing date
  • Filing number
  • Filing location
  • Filing type
  • Collateral type and collateral description

Our UCC data has been obtained from secretaries of state or other governing bodies of the various states. Neither the states nor Infogroup warrant the completeness or accuracy of the data. For certified copies of UCC filings, make a request from the appropriate secretary of state’s office.

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