Email Campaigns: Before You Send and Performance Tracking

Tracking the performance of your email campaigns is imperative to future email campaign success. Below, we’ve listed several tips to keep in mind as you create and send an email to your targeted lists. Don’t forget that our experts at Salesgenie can help you handle the details with email marketing.

Acquiring your customers via email campaigns is a marketing science that continues to evolve. Because of this, several teams within Salesgenie have collaborated in an effort to provide you with the means necessary to make your email campaigns a success. This section pertains to tracking the performance of your email. While best practices continue to evolve, these helpful suggestions will point any marketer in the right direction.

Before You Send

Subject Line Testing

Salesgenie can perform a subject line audit, which will identify any problems before a subject line is used.


Pre-Flight Report

Salesgenie can run an advertiser’s email through a series of checks to identify problems prior to launching the email. Examples include a URL Blacklist Check (link checker), Cloudmark Check (testing the sender’s address reputation) and Pivotal Veracity and Return Path Reporting (how your email looks across browsers and phones). These are all standard pre-send checks done at Salesgenie.

We highly suggest that every sender run these checks before any sizeable deployment. It has saved many email campaigns from disaster, and may help you too. At a minimum, running at least one email campaign through our pre-flight check will help you understand where your strengths and weaknesses are as an email marketer. You can then use what you learn to improve all your future campaigns.

Performance Tracking – Helpful Hints

Subject Line Testing

Each method of response you provide should have a tracking method in place. This is because once you know how well a particular email offer is working; it can and should transform your marketing strategy. With strong tracking, and the flexibility to respond to it, a good email campaign can take your marketing strategy to the next level.


Track Back

People often make purchases through a shopping portal at a later date. It’s important to match this activity back and credit the campaign for this purchase.


Viral Marketing

Include a coupon or discount code that can be shared and used by anyone. Your recipient may not be in the market for your offer but could know a friend who is.

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Target the Right Audience

Segment your audience based on specific sales criteria, including:

  • Type of Business including whether they are public or private
  • Companies within a specific ZIP code
  • Office size or square footage
  • Sales Volume

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