User Engagement Strategy

User engagement is vital when looking to make an email campaign a success. Whether users engage by opening the email, clicking links within the email or sharing information with their friends through social media, it’s imperative to offer engagement opportunities to targeted customers. Learn more about what boosts user engagement in the tips below.

User Engagement – Strategy and Guidelines

User Engagement is not just a marketing buzzword. Rather, it has become the key factor that most major ISPs (internet service providers) are using to decide which emails will land in an inbox. That’s because the more people who engage with an advertiser by opening and clicking links, the more that advertiser will be able to send and deliver to a specific inbox.

But how do you boost user engagement? Check out these tips from Salesgenie.

  • Strong call-to-action in the subject line to promote urgency
  • Clear and concise content which is easy to scan and still understand
  • Implement social marketing within your email as a secondary way for users to respond and spread your message
  • Implement a “sharing” or “forwarding” function to make it easier for users to share both information and offers with friends and family
  • Send a follow-up message reminding users that there is still time to respond
  • Brand your emails, which in turn helps to strengthen your business. Do this by including your logo, locating it in the same place every time
  • Target your audience through the use of lists and various messages; a well-targeted audience increases the relevancy of your message, which will help drive action
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Target the Right Audience

Segment your audience based on specific sales criteria, including:

  • Type of Business including whether they are public or private
  • Companies within a specific ZIP code
  • Lines of Business
  • Sales Volume

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