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When you want to get in front of prospects interested in your products or services, contact the experts at Salesgenie. We’ll help you create an ad and get it in front of potential customers on websites they frequently visit. Choose from these services.

Audience Based Display Advertising

Combine offline data, such as your existing customer list, with online data in our databases to find the perfect customers. We’ll use our advanced targeted models to match important demographic details between your existing customers and prospects. Combine Audience Based Display Advertising with an email campaign or a direct mail campaign to extend your reach.

Remarketing Campaign

Think you lost a sale? Think again. With a remarketing campaign by Salesgenie, you can find users who have visited your website and advertise to them on other sites that they visit. Remind them about your products or services with a targeted message and eye-catching design.

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Our experts can help you build a list of prospects, design your advertisement, launch your campaign, manage your online advertising account, and track your campaign throughout its life. We can even take care of the backend details, such as uploading your ads to Google AdWords™, so you can focus on your new customers.

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